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Ag License Plates

Ag License Plates

Special Agriculture License Plate Available

Agriculture in Idaho can be promoted and displayed with the new agriculture specialty license plate now available at all county motor vehicle offices. The additional fee from the specialty plate will go to the Ag in the Classroom (AITC) program, a statewide program to integrate agriculture education into the school curriculum for students K-12.

The traditional red, white and blue license plate is adorned on the left one-third with green fields, a red barn with silo, house and rolling grain fields. For the first year the new plate costs $35 plus the regular registration fees. Each additional year the plate costs $25.  Twenty-five dollars of the fee the first year and $15 from each renewal from the specialty plate is deposited in the AITC fund, administered by the Idaho State Department of Agriculture.

Vanity plates can also be purchased or transferred at their regular fee. Due to the design, the letter and number combinations for the Ag plate are limited to five digits.

The license plate was designed by Lisa Wilson of Boise, a graphics designer.