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  • Idaho ranks 4th in the nation in the production of alfalfa hay.
  • The first grapes were grown in Idaho in 1862. Idaho now has over 1,600 acres in vineyards with over 50 wineries producing many varieties of award winning wine.
  • Idaho's top commodity is milk. Idaho ranks 3rd in the nation.
  • Idaho ranks first nationally for potato production with 30 percent of the US total.
  • Idaho ranks first in the nation for production of food sized trout with 73 percent.

Agricultural Literacy Curriculum Matrix

The Agricultural Literacy Curriculum Matrix is an online, searchable, and standards-based curriculum map for K-12 teachers.

Why and How?

American agriculture is plagued with misconceptions. AITC helps teacher and their students understand the importance of agriculture and natural resources to our economy and way of life.

The License Plate of Agriculture

In 2000, the Idaho Legislature established the Idaho Agriculture license plate. Proceeds from the sale and renewal of these plates help to advance and promote agriculture literacy in Idaho.